Raccoon Removal & Control Services

Tired of the midnight raids on your garbage cans? Anxious about the safety of your family and pets? Don’t let raccoons turn your life upside down. Complete Pest Solutions is here to help you reclaim your property with our Raccoon Removal & Control Services.

Benefits of Hiring Complete Pest Solutions for Raccoon Removal & Control Services

When you choose us, you’re not just getting a one-size-fits-all solution. You’re getting a highly skilled team of wildlife control experts, dedicated to providing you with:

Humane Raccoon Removal: Our team uses the latest techniques and technology to remove raccoons safely and humanely, ensuring both their welfare and yours.

Customized Solutions: We know that every situation is unique, so we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Long-Term Results: Our comprehensive raccoon control strategy ensures that your property stays raccoon-free long after we’ve gone.

What to Know About Raccoons

Raccoons may look cute and cuddly, but they can pose serious risks to your property, family, and pets.

Raccoons can live almost anywhere with access to food, water, and shelter. Considered one of the most adaptable mammals, these opportunistic pests will eat everything from berries and acorns to frogs and your trash. Raccoons are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and becoming active at night.

Raccoons — along with red and gray foxes, skunks, and bats — are considered a primary carrier of the rabies virus in the United States. While any warm-blooded animal can carry rabies, these are the ones we call “rabies vector species.”

If you see a raccoon in your yard during the day, don’t panic — she is not necessarily sick or dangerous. It’s perfectly normal for raccoons to be active throughout the day. She may merely be foraging longer hours to support her young, visiting a garden while the dogs are indoors, or moving to a new location.

A raccoon sticks her head out of the fascia of a house's roof

Take Control of Your Raccoon Situation Today

Don’t let raccoons ruin your peace of mind. Contact Complete Pest Solutions now for a free consultation, and let us develop a custom raccoon removal and control plan to fit your needs.

More Possible Dangers of Raccoons

Another growing concern posed by raccoons is a roundworm (Baylisascaris) found in raccoon feces that can infect humans and pets. Prevention is key when it comes to this. It’s important to keep raccoons out of attics and crawl spaces, and supervise young children and pets outdoors to make sure they don’t come into contact with raccoon feces. If you find evidence of a raccoon latrine, make sure to clean it up properly.

Leptospirosis is caused by a bacteria that can infect raccoons, skunks, opossums, Norway rats, mice, and white-tailed deer. Humans may be exposed if they come into contact with infected urine or contaminated soil and water. In general, the best advice to keep in mind is to avoid touching wild animals.

Don’t risk exposure to disease for yourself or your pets, or further damage to your property. If contact is necessary to get a raccoon out of your house, call Complete Pest Solutions instead to ensure it is performed safely.

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Reclaim Your Home From The Raccoons

Don’t let raccoons hold your peace of mind hostage. Give yourself the gift of a safe, secure, and raccoon-free home. Reach out to Complete Pest Solutions today, and let our team of professionals handle the rest. We’re committed to providing you with a tailored, effective solution that guarantees you get your home back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raccoon Removal

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