How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Ohio?

If you’re facing an infestation in your Ohio home, you’re likely facing immense discomfort and potential displacement, not to mention concern over the bill that comes with pest control. However, if your pest problem is severe, investing in a professional will likely grant you the most peace of mind in the long run. 

Depending on the type of pest infestation and frequency of service required, it may be easier than you think to find an affordable extermination plan that works for your family. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the cost of professional pest control services in Ohio.

Key Takeaways

  • Several factors may impact the cost of your pest control service in Ohio. The type of pest, frequency of service required, severity of the infestation, location of the infestation within your home, and method of pest control required all play a role in determining the size of your bill.
  • In general, a one-time pest control visit in Ohio costs between $100 and $300.
  • Pest control is generally safe for humans and typically worth the price in the long run (compared to the effectiveness of DIY methods).

What Factors Will Impact the Cost of Pest Control in Ohio?

Several factors may have an impact on the cost of pest management. Read on for a breakdown of each of these factors and their impact on your bill.

Insect Type

The type of insect your home is infested with will impact the cost of your pest control service. Sometimes price fluctuates based on the sheer size of the pest (i.e. wildlife control) or based on how complicated the job may be (i.e. beehive removal vs. ant extermination). 

Below is a chart with the average cost of pest control for some of Ohio’s common household pests.

Bed Bugs$300-$700
Termite Control$500-$2,500
Hornets$100-$1,000+ (average of $375)
Wildlife Control$100-$600+ (depending on size of animal)

Frequency of Service

The cost of your pest control treatment plan will also depend on the frequency of service required to handle your infestation. Below are the details on pest control pricing in Ohio based on the length of service required to solve your pest issue.

One-time treatment$100-$350
Semi-monthly service$40-$100
Monthly service$50-$70
Quarterly visits$100-$200

Infestation Severity

The severity of your infestation may affect the type of service required and therefore the pricing of pest control. For instance, a more severe infestation might require more involved methods of pest control or more frequent visits over several months. A one-time insecticide treatment will likely be far less expensive than an infestation requiring wildlife control, beehive removal, or fumigation.

Location of Infestation

The location of the infestation within or outside your home also has an impact on pest control costs. For instance, infestations in locations that are more difficult to access for pest control professionals (i.e. roof, crawl space, inside of walls) will create a steeper bill than a kitchen or bathroom infestation.

Method of Pest Control Used

The method of pest control required to handle your infestation will also affect your bill. Natural pest repellents are typically slightly more expensive than traditional chemical pesticides. More involved methods like fogging, trapping a mammal (i.e. a raccoon), or heat treatment will also likely be pricier than traditional insecticide or rodent trap treatments.

Questions Others Are Asking

Below are answers to more frequently asked questions regarding the price of pest control.

Is pest control worth the price?

Pest control can be a hefty investment for any homeowner, especially on top of other regular expenses for your home. However, a professional pest control service is worth the investment in the long run. DIY pest control comes with its own set of dangers (from incorrect assessment to chemical exposure) and may not be as effective as securing services from a professional. 

Hiring a professional pest control service ensures that your solution will be effective and that your pest problem won’t return, while also keeping you and your family safe from exposure to toxic pesticides.

Is pest control safe?

Yes, pest control is generally safe, but some methods are generally safer than others. Biological pest control (introducing a pest’s natural enemy), mechanical pest control (i.e. physical barriers), and natural pest control (using natural pest repellents) are all considered generally safe for humans. 

Chemical pesticides do pose certain health risks to humans, but can be used safely and responsibly, especially when used by a trained professional, which is why the best pest control option is typically to outsource.

How does the cost of pest control in Ohio compare to other parts of the country?

In San Diego, CA, you can expect to pay $30 – $70 per month for ongoing pest control.

In Austin, TX, you can expect to pay $28 – $60 per month for ongoing pest control.

In Florida, you can expect to pay $426 – $1,039 for termite treatment.