Health Threats Posed by Pests

Most people inherently despise pests. Not only can they cause damage to crops and eat our own food in storage, but they can also carry diseases and other pathogens that can harm our health. Complete Pest Solutions offers insect and pest control services in Ohio, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Below, we’ll go over a few specific health threats that are posed to humans by pests. Contact us today!


Exacerbate Allergies and Respiratory Conditions

Pests, especially insects, can exacerbate allergies and respiratory conditions. Insects shed their skins and leave their droppings in our homes, and when they do, these particulates get in the air where they can then be breathed in by humans. Those who are sensitive to these particulates can experience more allergy symptoms.


Lord Byron, Oliver Cromwell, Vasco da Gama, Pope Urban VII, Charles V, and Amerigo Vespucci all have one thing in common — they all died of malaria. Malaria is a disease carried by mosquitoes, a tiny insect that has the honor of being the deadliest animal in the world as 1 million people die every year of diseases caused by this tiny pest.

Health Threats Posed By Pests

Lyme Disease & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Ticks are another tiny creature that can harm humans. Like the mosquito, they carry a myriad of diseases, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and babesiosis that can make you sick and affect your quality of life.


Many people think rats and mice are cute, and these pests are even kept as pets by many. However, these small rodents can carry over 35 diseases. In addition, they carry fleas, which can cause diseases in their own right, as the famous Black Death can attest to. They spread these diseases through bites, contaminated food or water with their feces, or from inhalation from droppings carried in the air.



As you can see, pests are not just annoying, but they can be downright deadly. They can exacerbate existing health conditions, cause illness, or even cause death. If you suspect you have a pest problem, it’s best to call in a professional pest control company to eradicate the issue. Complete Pest Solutions offers pest control in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Ohio. Call for a free estimate today!