4 Signs You Need to Hire a Bat Removal Service

Bats are like nature’s pest control. After all, a single bat can eat hundreds of insects in one night! However, when bats try to roost in your home, they become a dangerous pest themselves. That’s why professional wildlife removal services are a must!

So, how can you tell if bats are living in your home? The expert team at Complete Pest Solutions is here to share four signs you need bat removal.

You’ve Noticed Small, Black Droppings

Bat guano (droppings) are a telltale sign that you’ve got bats somewhere in your home. Their feces stands out from other rodents’ in that it’s dark black and powdery. If you try to clean it, bat guano may even crumble apart. Humans can get sick from bat guano, so try to stay away and contact pest control services immediately.

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Bats Frequently Fly Inside or Around Your Home

Do you ever notice bats flying around or even in and out of your home? Whether it’s a couple or a swarm, they could be roosting in your attic. If you’re unsure, take a look in the evening to see if you can spot any bats.

You Can Hear Noises in the Walls

Bats communicate with each other through chirping noises. If they’re inside your home, you could hear them along with some scratching. Bats become increasingly vocal when trapped, so frequent sounds could mean they’re stuck somewhere. At Complete Pest Solutions, we recommend scheduling a wildlife removal service as soon as you hear noises in your ceiling or walls.

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There Are Stains and a Strong Odor

Bat urine and guano have a strong, pungent odor — similar to ammonia — that you can’t miss. Over time, you may even notice stains on your ceilings once the urine and feces eventually soak through. It’s harmful to breathe that foul odor in, and stains could cause property damage, so you must address the problem right away.

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