Bat Control

Bats can cause a lot of damage to your property and can potentially be harmful if professionals do not remove them.

Bats can be a great way to control the insect population, particularly mosquitos and parasites. However, you don’t want them on your property or roosting inside your buildings. If a bat is rabid or carrying a disease, it can lead to fatal results if you tackle a bat problem yourself. Complete Pest Solution is well experienced in bat control and can make sure you and your property are safe.

Advantages of Bats

Bats are known to be nature’s pest control as they can eat the bugs that we humans don’t like to be around. One single bat can eat up to 600 mosquitos in an hour, which can only be beneficial to us for keeping the blood-suckers at bay. Bat droppings are also really healthy for our soil, so they’re good to have around from an environmental point of view, too. There are many benefits for keeping bats out in the wild, but it can be dangerous when they infest buildings and get too close to humans.

Image of bats on a rock
Image of a bat on a bat house

Property Damage from Bats

Bats typically gain access to buildings through pre-existing holes. Unlike other rodents, bats will not chew through materials to make new holes. However, their excrement and urine can cause a great deal of damage due to the potency of their waste. Things to watch out for include damp insulation, particleboard, and ceiling holes which can eventually result in structural damage in your home. As soon as bats are suspected, it’s vital to contact a pest control service to assess the damage.

Bat-Related Disease Can Kill

Perhaps the most dangerous part of having bats around is their diseases and their effects on human life. From rabies to histoplasmosis, being bitten by a disease-ridden bat is rare, but the consequences can be fatal. Making sure that there are no bats on your property is the best way to prevent bites from disease-ridden bats.

Image of a virus
Image of a bat eating

Mites & Other Bugs

Bat mites are similar to bed bugs in that the blood-sucking pests can attach themselves to humans and transfer from host to host. Therefore, if you suspect that you have bat mites, it’s essential to control the bat population and then address the mites.

Pest control can be difficult, particularly when it comes to larger animals like bats. However, in Cleveland, professionals like Complete Pest Solution can assess your bat infestation and remove the problem so your property and health aren’t at risk.

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