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Seasonal Pests

Bed Bugs

We would like to remind our customers to be on the look out for those pesky and invasive Bed Bugs. Unfortunately this time of year, the calls for bed bug services increase due to all the traveling that takes place. Here is the biggest tip, always look at the mattress and box spring for evidence of bed bugs. Be looking for the insect itself, blood stains, and fecal stains. If bed bugs have joined the family call us for a professional service at the right price. Please refer here for more information:

bed bug cycle

Wildlife Infestation

As the nights start getting colder and longer, animals start seeking out  warm places to avoid the harsh cold winter. Raccoons and Squirrels are the two main animals that invade structures and homes for the warmth and protection they desire.  If you hear noises in your attic or crawlspaces their is a good possibility a raccoon or squirrel has made a home for the winter. We offer programs to eliminate and prevent, raccoons and squirrels from making a home in your home. Call us right away if you suspect a new residence has arrived.


Pest Facts to Consider

  • Bats carry bat bugs, mites and other parasites, which spread to humans and pets.
  • Bed bugs can lead to several health issues including skin rashes, allergic reactions and psychological effects.
  • Roaches can be carriers of many diseases. A persistent presence of roaches can lead to severe asthmatic attacks and upper respiratory problems.
  • Each roach female will reproduce every 30 to 40 days.
  • Roaches will eat anything, including other roaches.
  • Fruit flies feed on alcohol, which is produced when fruits and vegetables begin to ferment. In addition to feeding on food and alcohol, fruit flies also lay eggs in them. The eggs hatch into larvae in a matter of hours. A kitchen can become infested in a short amount of time.

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